GPS directions will bring you to Arcola Ave. entrance, but you do not enter the building or the parking lot from Arcola. Please note correct directions: 

--  Do not park in the circle driveway that faces Arcola Ave. We do not use the front door during school hours. (See directions from Arcola as noted below)

 -- Our parking lot is one-way. Entrance is  from Monticello Ave. only.

--  Exit from the parking lot onto Arcola Ave. only.

Directions from Arcola Ave. :

Option 1) From Arcola, turn onto Kemp Mill Rd. at the light (Christian Reformed Church and St. Andrews are on the corners.) Take the first right onto Monticello Ave. After passing a few houses, turn right into our parking lot. Exit from the parking lot is onto Arcola Ave. only.

Option 2) From Arcola, turn onto Kersey Ave. (at the corner where our playground is). Take first left onto Monticello. Pass playground and service entrance. Parking lot will be on your left.

(Other) From Randolph Road, turn onto Kemp Mill Road. Make a left onto Monticello and follow directions above.

  • Pleaase park in a designated parking space. 
  • Entrance to building: Use either the blue door with an awning, or the glass doors at the courtyard. 
  • Ring the bell and wait to hear the click.