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Daily Classroom Routine

  • Free Time: Children are free to choose from many different activities in their rooms. These activities include the special art activitiy of the day, painting, clay, crayons, blocks, kitchen, language arts center, science center, Computer, library, etc. Teachers are always present during this open play period to guide, teach, and help children learn to make decisions.
  • Circle Time: A happy feeling to be carried through the day is initiated at this time. Songs are sung, roll is called, weather is noted, and the program for the day is outlined.  The Judaic classes will say the Tefillah and complete their davening during circle time. 
  • Clean Up: Children are encouraged to participate positively and actively in clean-up time. Responsibility, teamwork, and independence are stressed at this time.
  • Snack Time: After toileting (or diaper change) and washing hands, children are encouraged to participate in preparing for snack time (counting, passing out napkins, pouring milk, etc.) The appropriate Hebrew blessing is recited before eating. The children either eat at the tables in their classroom or occasionally will go outside for a picnic.
  • Group Time: The class is called together for a planned activity in language arts, science, art, or music. Lessons are introduced through a "fun" approach, playing a game, learning a song, creating an art project, dramatizing a flannel board story, etc.
  • Outdoor Time:  Weather permitting, the children go outside to play on our outdoor playground which contains age-appropriate climbing equipment and swings.  The children have plenty of space to run and exercise in our enclosed two-acre play area. The two-year-olds have a special fenced area within the playground with age-appropriate climbing and play equipment.
  • Indoor Play Time:  The children play inside each day in our new indoor playroom which contains gross motor skill enhancing climbing equipment and toys.
  • Specialty Teacher Time:  All classes meet weekly with our specialty teachers for Israeli dance and music.  These teachers enhance our regular classroom curriculum.


Children in the toddler and 2-year-old classes nap from approximately 1:00 - 3:00 p.m. Please send appropriate napping supplies: crib-sized sheet and a blanket or other covering. These items should be placed in a bag, labeled on the outside with your child's name. The items will stay in the classroom all week, and will be sent home on Fridays for laundering. Please remember to send them back on the following Monday.

We will make arrangements for any child in the 3-year-old and 4-year-old classes who need to nap. Please see above information regarding napping items.

**If your child needs a special item or "lovey" for sleeping, we suggest you not bring something that your child cannot do without for night time sleeping. If you do bring such an item, parents are responsible for making sure it is sent home and brough back daily.

Napping materials will be sent home each Friday for laundering, and should be returned to school the following Monday.