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Re-enrollment for returning families is not automatic for returning families. All families (new or returning) must register through the online registration program each school year and pay the registration fee through the online registration portal. 

2020-2021 School Year

Click here for the Tuition Fees for the 2020-2021 School Year

**All families must enroll through the online registration program**
Step One:  Open the link to the SSLC online registration program:

  • Fill in the information as prompted. Select program option: Regular or Judaic
  • Click on one of the following: Summer Program only; School Year only; or Summer and School year in the "Child Information" field.

  • Click the applicable field(s) to choose your desired schedule (for the school year.) We will try to accomodate "non-standard" schedules on a case-by-case basis. Enter the closest schedule and contact the SSLC office.

  • NOTE: Summer schedules cannot be entered on the online form. After completing the family and student information sections and paying the registration fee, click on the following link: Summer Enrollment Form 2020 ~ to download a form to specify your program schedule and specific weeks for the Summer Program

  • When selection the program option to build a schedule, click on "School Year" only if you are registering for the School year or the School Year and Summer. If you are registering for Summer Only, you will click the box for Summer. Do not click on both boxes or you will be charged two registration fees.

  • NOTE: Even if the summer schedule is the same as the school year schedule, we must complete the Summer Enrollment Form showing the schedule and designated dates of attendance. These forms must be returned to the SSLC office for your child to be enrolled for the summer!

  • The registration fee must be paid online at the time of registration in order to process your enrollment. The fee is $100 for Summer Only. The summer is included in the school year registration $250.

  • Enter your payment information.When you input the bank (or credit card) information, be sure to click the box that says "SafeSave" so that your payment method willl be stored in the payment portal to initiate the Electronic Funds Transfer program for automatic monthly tuition debits. Note: Payment information will be encrypted according to federal guidelines for safety. 

NOTE:  There is no transaction fee for using EFT (electronic funds transfer); however, there is a 2.59% convenience fee added to all credit card and debit card transactions. 

STEP TWO: Enroll/Update the required Online Student Profile (Guidestar/Formsite). 

The link to the Guidestar Student Online Profile:

Returning Families must update the information on your child's existing Online Student Profile through Guidestar/Formsite, and/or register new siblings who start this school year. Use your existing user name and password. Make any changes if applicable to and sign and re-date with the new school year date to confirm that the information is current. We must have a current (2020) date on the profile.

New Families must enroll in the programAll sections of the form must be completed, even if the answer is N/A or "none". Be sure to electronically sign and date the completed form.

STEP THREE: Complete and return the Summer Enrollment Form [for children enrolled either "Summer Only" or "Summer/School Year"]:

Summer Enrollment Form/Tuition Schedule                       Download Form

A child will not be considered fully enrolled for the Summer until we receive the summer Enrollment Form. The form can be emailed to or the hard copy mailed or brought to the SSLC office.

REQUIRED: Online Student Profile

County licensing regulations require that we have certain information on file for all students. You will need to send a hard copy of the signed Medical Inventory/Immunization Records/Lead Test Authorization  completed by a doctor. We have replaced the rest of the required forms with a computerized version through our Online Student Profile (Formsite/Guidestar).

Both returning families and new families must either enroll or update existing information in the Online Student Profile program through Guidestar/Formsite.  The profile must be updated each year.

~Returning families should sign-in using your existing user ID and password credentials from last year.  All information should be confirmed, and changes made as needed.  You must sign and date the form with a 2019 date and press submit to update the information. You will click on "sign in". New siblings will need to be enrolled separately if he/she is not in the system from last year. 
~New families must enroll in the program. Click on the "enroll" button and proceed as directed.  You will need to fill out a new form for each child, but do not create a new account for a second child. The program does not allow you to save and copy the information into a second form, so you will need to re-enter the parent information sections.
Note: Students who are "Summer Only"also must update/enroll the information in Guidestar/Formsite for the new school year.

2020-2021 School Calendar             
2020-2021 Tuition Schedule  Download Document
 SSLC Terms & Conditions        Download Document
2020 Summer Enrollment Form for Summer Program: Required even if student enrolls for the same schedule as for the main school year. Scan and email form to SSLC office, or mail/drop off to the SSLC office.

Download Document
2020 Summer Activity Schedule


**Registration is online only. See online registration link below**. 

There is no field in the online registration program to designate specific weeks or schedule for the Summer Program. After you register online and receive the confirmation email, click on the link for the Summer Enrollment Form shown in your confirming email (The form is also available by clicking here.) This form is used to designate the specific program schedule and dates for the summer -- The registration process is not complete, and your child is not fully enrolled, until the Summer Enrollment form is returned to the SSLC office.

The weekly rate for schedules of 7 weeks or less is higher than the weekly rate for the full 8-week schedule.

REMINDER: The hard copy summer enrollment form must be returned to the SSLC Office to ensure that your child is correctly enrolled for the 2020 Summer Program (6/22/20-8/14/20.) 

  • Non-refundable registration fee for students who enroll for Summer Program only is $100/child.
  • Non-refundabe registration fee for students who enroll for both the School Year and the Summer Program is $250/child.
  • Students must enroll for a minimum of two (2) weeks. Weeks do not have to be consecutive.
  • Families who are not enrolled in Electronic Funds Transfer* (EFT) which is an automatic funds transfer debit program are required to pay in full no later than May 22, 2020.
Summer Enrollment/Tuition Schedule (for all ages )               Download Schedule

Summer Activity Schedule                                                            Pending

Liability Waiver for Foam Party Program                                       Pending

SSLC Terms & Conditions (required for all students)                     Download Document

Required: Health Inventory & Immunization                     Download Document
Summer Program Notes:
  • Updated immunization records/medical inventory/Asthma and Allergy Plan (if applicable) are required for the Summer Program.
  • We will continue to offer our Hot Lunch Program (catered by Ben Yehuda) in the summer. Payment and orders are done directly to Ben Yehuda via an online Order Portal. Click for more information
  • Water play is every day.  Send a bathing suit and towel which will remain in the classroom and sent home at the end of the week for laundering. 
  • All children must bringsturdy water shoes with a back and slip-resistant soles.  **NO FLIP-FLOPS OR BACKLESS SHOES**
  • Sunscreen [to be left in the classroom] must be labeled with your child's name.
  • All children (regardless of age) need a complete change of clothes to keep in the classroom, including underpants, shorts, shirts and socks, all labeled with your child's name inside a bag labeled with your child's name.
  • Children who nap will need to bring a crib-sized sheet. These items will be sent home every Friday for laundering, and are to be returned to school on Monday.
  • There is no diaper fee in the summer; however, families will need to leave a supply of diapers; swim diapers; and/ or pull-ups in the classroom.
  • The deadline to cancel weeks/days to the Summer Schedule is May 15, 2020.  Families are responsible for the tuition of schedules in place after May 15 -- There will be no refunds or tuition adjustment for weeks cancelled after the deadline.  Weeks can be added (based on availability) with no penalty, however.  You will be charge accordingly for the extra weeks/days that are added.
 >>>All families will need to enroll in (new students) or update (existing students) the Online Student Profile [Formsite/Guidestar.] To update, review all information for accuracy and sign and re-date. 
Guidestar (Online Student Profile): 


Payment information should be saved in the online payment portal during the online registration process. After the payment information is entered for the registration fee, click on "SaveSecure" in the payment field to store the information (encrypted) into the payment portal. This account will be used for forthcoming automatic tuition payments for the summer and/or school year.

NOTE: There is no transaction fee for EFT (automatic electronic transfer). There is a 2.59% convenience fee assessed for all credit card and debit card payments.

RECAP: Enter the bank information where noted on the registration form, and click the box in front of SafeSave so that the information will be [securely] stored.  The card and bank information will be encrypted for safety. 

NOTE TO RETURNING FAMILIES: We cannot transfer payment information from the existing (2018-2019) portal into the the 2019-2020 payment portal for security reasons. You must enter your payment information and save it again for the new school year to initiate the EFT automatic transfer program. If you do not save the information, we can not continue with your automatic debits for the new school year.

Tuition Assistance

Families must first apply for tuition subsidy assistance through the Maryland State Child Scholarship Program before we will consider tuition assistance through our limited Scholarship Fund.
Maryland State Child Care Scholarship Program
SSLC Scholarship Application** Download Document

**Please note that there are limited funds for tuition assistance available through SSLC.  As such, not all scholarship requests can be honored. As noted above, families must first apply for subsidies through the state scholarship program to be considered for discounted tuition.

To be considered for discounted tuition, we require a copy of your most current tax return and copies of both parents' three most recent pay stubs. Please be sure these documents are included in your scholarship request.


Some of the information on the following forms will be included on the online registration form.  The items highlighted in green are the forms we require in hard copy form, completed and signed by a physician.

The Allergy Action Plan and Asthma Action Plan (along with the Medicine Authorization form) are required in hard copy form for any student with life-threatening allergies or asthma.  These forms must be filled out and signed by a physican, and signed by the parent as well.

New licensing regulations require that a new  Allergy Action Plan, Asthma Action Plan, and Medicine Authorization form(s) must be returned every school year.
 Health Inventory Part II-- completed & signed by physician Download Document
 Immunization Certificate--completed & signed by physician Download Document
Lead Testing Certification -- completed & signed by physician Download Document
 Parent's Guide to Regulated Child Care (TO READ ONLY - DO NOT RETURN TO SSLC) Download document
Allery/AsthmaPlan (REQUIRED FOR ANY ALLERGIES - to be completed by doctor & parent)*with medicine  authorization
*A new form must be completed/returned every year*
Download Document
Allergy Action Plan Part 2 - to be completed by doctor & parent (with medicine authorization)
*A new plan must be completed/returned every year*
Download Document
Medicine Authorization Form (REQUIRED for any OTC of prescription medicine).  

The form must be signed by both the parent and doctor. All medicines must be in the original container, labeled with your child's name, and clear dosing instructions by the pharmacy
*A new form must be returned every year.*
Download Document


Challah Fundraiser: 
Proceeds from this fundraiser go toward the New Indoor Playground Fund.
You may choose to order challah from Rosendorff's Bakery, Baltimore or Breadsmith, Potomac.  (Please Note:  Orders must be in the SSLC office by TUESDAY morning of the week you are ordering.)
Forms are vailable on Class Shutterfly Page(s)
Hot Lunch Menu - Optional Program
We offer an optional hot lunch program catered through Ben Yehuda Cafe. Meals include a main item, fruit and vegetables. Every Friday is pizza day. The lunches are dairy or pareve, nut-free, and kosher certified. Lunches can be ordered on a day-by-day basis, or a full month -- we need at least one full day's notice for lunch orders. Lunch is $5.75 per day. Lunches ordered every day in a month will receive a 10% discount.
Forms are available on Class Shutterfly Page(s)
Sunflower Bakery Fundraiser: 
Proceeds from this fundraiser go toward the Playground Fund -- we receive 10% of orders placed through SSLC. Sunflower Bakery is a non-profit kosher bakery created to provide hands-on training opportunity in the baking industry to developmentally disabled people.  Please mark all orders with ""Silver Spring Learning Center" as the delivery place so we will receive credit toward our fundraiser.  Please note the Sweets of the Month program where you will receive a choice of bakery items every month from September - June. Orders will be sent home with your child. For menu and ordering information:
Forms are available on Class Shutterfly Page(s) 


 Parking Lot Rules  download document
 Sickness/Illness Policy  download document
 Food and Lunch Policy  download document
 Inclement Weather Policy  downlaod document
 Lice Policy & Information  download fact sheet
Parent Handbook Download Handbook

(There are approximately 8-12 classes per session: fall, winter and spring).  These afternoon classes are optional and have an additional fee.
*Specialty classes are open to students in three-year-old and four-year-old classes only.

Please send a pareve or vegetarian lunch on the day of class.

Basketball Hotshots

A $20 fee for the (required) uniform is due in addition to the class fee.
**Parents invited to attend the Belt Testing at the end of each session**


 **Parents are invited to a recital at the end of each session.**


Skits & Things


School Calendar
2019-2020 School Calendar                                           Download Document

2020-2021 School Calendar                                           Pending

Following are the days SSLC is closed during the 2018-2019 school year. The dates will change for 2020-21, but the same holidays will be celebrated.
                                          Monday, September 2 ~ Labor Day
                                          Monday, September 30 ~ Rosh Hashanah
                                          Tuesday, October 1 ~ Rosh Hashanah
                                          Tuesday, October 8 ~ Erev Yom Kippur
                                          Wednesday, October 9 ~ Yom Kippur
                                          Monday - Tuesday, October 14 & 15 ~ Sukkot
                                          Monday - Tuesday, October 21 & 22 ~ Shemini Atzeret/Simchat Torah
                                          Thursday - Friday, November 28 & 29 ~ Thanksgiving Break
                                          Thursday, December 12 ~ Professional Day
                                          Monday, December 23 - Wednesday, January 1 ~ Winter Break
                                           Wednesday, January 8 ~  12:00 Dismissal (Parent-Teacher Conferences)
                                           Monday, January 20 ~ MLK Jr. Birthday
                                           Monday, February 17 ~ Presidents' Day
                                           Tuesday, March 10 ~ Purim
                                           Wednesdaym Apri 8 -Friday, April 17 ~ Passover Break
                                           Monday, May 25 ~ Memorial Day
                                           Friday, June 29 ~ Shavuot
                                           Thursday, June 11:  LAST DAY OF SCHOOL  
                                                                         10:00 Graduation for 4-year-old classes
                                                                          ***12:00 dismissal for ALL students*** [No PM classes]